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A Light in the Darkness

In the midst of grieving the loss of their son, the Morgan family has developed an app to help connect others in life challenges.

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Witnessing the Beast

Here’s how COVID-19’s trail of devastation creeped into homes around us, wreaking havoc in some and lightly touching others.

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The Magic of Wyndy

Tommy Mayfield talks about where the spark for a babysitting app has taken him and his family over the past three years.

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Simply Linen Michael

Angel Lewis draws inspiration for the versatile, warm palette in her kids clothing line from both her daughter and her own closet.

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On the Big Screen

Actor Michael O’Neill talks about his most memorable roles and how he came to commute to LA from Mountain Brook.

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The Inventors: Soft Glow Silent Timer

Claiborne Pace Day was on the hunt for a timer, but not just any timer. She wanted a quiet one that notified you when time was up visually and peacefully, with no bells and whistles, literally, to help wean her daughter off her pacifier. But she couldn’t find one.

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