By Anna Grace Moore

Photos By Harry Long

Otey’s Tavern is hosting its annual “Otey’s Fest,” on Saturday, July 16, 2022. The festival draws hundreds in from all over Birmingham, and it features live, local bands and offers delicious food that prove second-to-none. Attending even is a reward for guests as part of the festival’s proceeds benefit the Phoenix Club of Birmingham. Here Otey’s Tavern Owner Will Haver discusses what customers can expect from the highly anticipated event.

Tell us about Otey’s Fest. How did the event come about?

“We started the Otey’s Fest Shindig around 13 years ago to have a party to celebrate the Otey’s community,” Will says. “It is a party of friends. We host a big cookout with exceptional music. This year a lot of talented musicians are performing including The Will Stewart Band, T.U.B., to our headliner, GALACTIC, featuring Anjelika Jelly Joseph.”

What kinds of food and drinks does the restaurant offer? What on the menu or about the atmosphere makes Otey’s unique from other eateries in the area?

“We are known for high quality ‘bar food,’ he explains. “Our chef, Rodney Davis, has been recognized for more than 25 years for his cheeseburgers, sandwiches, wings, salads and wraps. As far as drinks are concerned, we are famous for our ‘big cup’ straightforward cocktails.” Will says the atmosphere is laid back and plays well into the sophisticated yet comfortable mood. “Our people really make Otey’s special from our crew to our guests. It really sings hospitality. It’s a feel thing, and a fun hang.”

What do you recommend a newcomer try first on the menu?

If a customer is new to Otey’s, Will always recommends the blackened chicken sandwich or a Rodney’s Cheeseburger. Truly, he says, no one can ever go wrong with any of the menu’s items.

What is your favorite drink the restaurant offers and why?

“For me, it’s a Casa Amigos silver tequila with soda and a lime,” Will notes. “Why? It’s refreshing, and I love tequila! But there are a lot of regulars who are Tito’s vodka and soda, or bourbon cocktailers, or the traditional ice-cold beer.” There’s something for everyone at Otey’s, which is why they’re the perfect date night spot, anniversary gathering, work function go-to or just plain hangout for the friends.

What’s the best thing about being in business in Mountain Brook?

“The support of the city and the community [is amazing],” he shares. “Everyone supports each other from the city leadership, to friends, to business owners. We want to see each other do well.” Customers, too, can support Otey’s and grab a beer while they’re there. Visit Will and the Otey’s Tavern crew at 224 Country Club Park in Mountain Brook six days a week. The restaurant is open from Monday-Wednesday 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Thursday-Saturday 11 a.m.-midnight.