I grew up in Fairhope, Alabama, and I moved to Birmingham to attend UAB. I have now lived here for four years, and I just graduated with a double-major in English literature and theatre. Ever since I was a kid, I told people that I wanted to work where I would be surrounded by books. What’s a better place than the library? I am so passionate about sharing stories–be it on stage or on a page–so, this seemed like a perfect fit. Here are my top five “best reads” for other Gen-Z readers. 


By Jessica George

A coming-of-age debut novel about Maddie, or Maame, trying to leave her family home and establish her own life. This late bloomer tackles many firsts from finding her own flat to online dating to learning to advocate for herself. This is a funny, moving story that many 20-somethings may relate to.


By R.F. Kuang

Calling all dark academia fans! Babel takes place in a fantastical Oxford University setting circa 1828. Here, Robin Swift studies at the Royal Institute of Translation–or Babel. This magical art finds meanings that have been lost in translation throughout history. In his pursuit of knowledge and truth, Robin finds himself in academic strife that will keep readers turning the page to see what will happen next.

Love and Other Words

By Christina Lauren

Childhood best friends-turned-strangers reconnect in this second-chance romance by Christina Lauren. This story alternates between past Macy and present Macy. The past focuses on her friendship and first love, Elliot. Meanwhile, in the present, Macy grapples with seeing Elliot for the first time after 10 years of silence. Will these characters get the answers they have longed for?

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone

By Benjamin Stevenson

Ernest Cunningham spends his days writing how-to books, not solving murders. A family reunion turns into a whodunit. How can you determine who committed the crime when faced with a family of murderers?

Conversations on Love

By Natasha Lunn

In this non-fiction essential, Natasha Lunn presents conversations with prominent writers on the topic of love. These conversations explore love in all shapes: romantic, friendship, family, strangers and more. A perfect book for any 20-something that is attempting to define themselves in relation to the world around them.