Mountain Brook Village has been missing a spot for cocktails and elevated bar food since Dram closed, but that void is now filled with a familiar concept from Morris Avenue downtown: Carrigan’s. We chatted with David Carrigan, the man behind the pub (as well as Brat Brot) about what you’ll find inside as of their Nov. 25 opening.

Can you explain a little about the concept behind the original Carrigan’s?

The concept behind Carrigan’s started with the location: a dead-end block on a well known and historic street in downtown Birmingham that seemed to have been stuck in time from the turn of the last century. It was a quiet little corner with an industrial vibe. The foundation of the drink menu is our full cocktail program that emphasizes pre-prohibition classics and is rounded out with a wide selection of canned and draft beers and wine, as well as a diverse selection of British Isles spirits: whiskeys and gins. I’ve described the food as Southern soul food meets traditional pub food with some unexpected twists.

Why did you decide to open a new location?

The decision to open another Carrigan’s was specifically driven by the opportunity provided by the old Dram space. We believed that the community was desirous of a local operator and a concept similar to what we have to offer. Mountain Brook has a dearth of local “watering holes” so to speak, so we hope to become that for many people that want somewhere comfortable and sophisticated to relax that is close to home for them. 

What will we see when we walk inside the new space?

It will be familiar, but fresh and exciting. The first impression will be completely different as we have moved the entrance to what was the back patio facing Montevallo Road. Quite a bit of the original layout and finishes will be familiar to former patrons of Dram. The bar is in the same location, the bathrooms are relatively untouched, and the distinctive wood posts and beams will be there. We have bumped out every exterior facing window to create more space and seating banquette nooks. There will also be plenty of new design touches and materials that will make the space uniquely our own and provide some continuity with the downtown location.

Will you serve food?

Yes! The menu will be similar to our downtown location with our signature corndog (served Elote style) and our double burger and curried lamb burger. We’ll also be incorporating our salmon salad off the downtown lunch menu and the kale Caesar salad as well as some other new and exciting dishes just for this location.

Can you give us an overview of what the bar will offer?

The bar will be built around our cocktail program just like the downtown location. We don’t have room for as much draft beer, but will have a fine selection of packaged beer and wines. We also plan to offer a wider variety of whiskeys at this location and maybe a surprise or two for those that are familiar with our downtown location. I would suggest starting with one of the house cocktails. Outside of that just order your favorite wine, whiskey or amaro, and sit back and sip and enjoy some good company.