What are the Tonya Jones SalonSpa owner’s favorite things about her city? Well, wonder no more.

1. Sipping, Shopping, Strolling

Jazz with Civitas
I love that the name Civitas brings such meaning to English Village, and when you add jazz, what’s not to love? The Civitas statue was dreamed up by Philip Morris to portray Carolyn Cortner Smith, a self-taught architect who designed homes around English Village in the 1910s and 1920s.

2. True Farm to Table

Root to Tail

After growing up on a farm, I crave food that is legit farm-to-table, and I love that Chef Ben Vaughn created Root to Tail and has landed in English Village. Everything from the friendly staff to the impeccable taste and presentation is spot-on.

3. Al Fresco Dining

Vino/Gallery Bar

I love to be outside and drink wine, so this is my go-to.  I look forward to seeing Chris, the bartender, when I go because he is so pleasant and I don’t even have to ask for a menu. Maybe that means that I visit too frequently or he’s great at what he does—I am going to go with both.

4. Fashion + Friendships

Bearden Design et Boutique

The owner Debbie and I have so much energy and so many great ideas that we could just talk for hours. She has such unique taste for fashion and home décor, and I love that she knows my style and picks out my clothes and shoes for me and drops things off for me to try on.

5. Get Outside

My Walking Route

I love to walk my dogs, so you can usually find me early morning or late evening around the sidewalks of Brookwood Road or at Overton Park. Being outside is a joy to me, especially on a beautiful sunny day.  While being inside all day for work making people beautiful, in any downtime that I do have, you can find me outside or in my backyard.