May 14, 2022

Pictures by Mandy Busby

How did you two meet?

It depends on who you ask! Daniel remembers meeting me in February 2017 at a house concert in Arlington, Virginia, but I don’t remember meeting Daniel until July 2017 during a group trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Regardless, we really only knew each other as “fringe” friends within a larger Arlington/D.C. community. It wasn’t until three and a half years after meeting in October 2020 that Daniel developed an interest and asked me out. Although, I wasn’t initially as interested as Daniel believed me to be. The first date went even better than either of us were expecting with both of us surprised at the ease and richness of conversation from a single dinner. From there, it was a steady progression of more time spent together, and with it, a deepening of understanding, care and love for each other. We both claim “knowing” early on that we wanted to marry the other. 

The Proposal

It was late July 2020, and Daniel and I had just returned from a 4th of July trip in Southern California with friends. He made a point to schedule some one-on-one time after the group trip in the form of a day venture out to Shenandoah National Park. We drove out early Saturday morning on July 24 and hiked up to Mary’s Rock, which had a lovely view of the valley below and a nice, flat rock to rest and catch our breath. After refueling with some salami, cheese and crackers, which was a major giveaway from Daniel’s usual granola bars he packs, he handed me a note he had written for me. I read the note, which said many lovely things about an envisioned life together and looked up to a teary-eyed Daniel getting down on one knee to ask me to marry him. We both agree I wasn’t really surprised, as we had been talking about marriage for months. What was a huge surprise was that we arrived to my house where I lived with three of my best girl friends to a celebration that included surprise visits from my and Daniel’s families, as well as some Birmingham friends who had flown up to celebrate us. 

Favorite Wedding Moment

During our ceremony and right after we exchanged vows, the congregation sang a hymn, “We Will Feast in the House of Zion,” and during it, Daniel and I were kneeling down at the altar of the sanctuary, hand in hand. This was certainly the most impactful moment of our wedding day, as we were able to use the lyrics of the hymn to reflect on the commitment we had just made to each other.

Favorite Wedding Details

We knew that a large portion of our guests would be traveling, so it was important for us to create environments for people to have fun and enjoy a good time in a way that felt welcoming, relaxed, lighthearted and joyful. This warm BHM welcome began Thursday night with a casual backyard party at my childhood home for our families and the wedding party and continued into Friday night with a post toast reception at Good People Brewing for all guests trickling into town. For the reception, Daniel and I also wanted to give a nod to where we met and the community of friends that brought us together, so our cups showcased the “Virginia is for Lovers” state slogan in lime green. We made ample use of the Country Club of Birmingham terrace during cocktail hour for people to wander and connect.

Ceremony Venue: Canterbury United Methodist Church Reception Venue: The Country Club of Birmingham Wedding Planner/Day Of Coordinator: Lindsey McGehee Florist: Marigold Designs Caterer: The Country Club of Birmingham Cake: Barb’s Cakes Wedding Dress: McClendon Bridals Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie Bridal Hair: Cahaba Roots Bridal Makeup: Carol & Leslie Makeup Artistry Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply Stationery: Arzberger Stationers Calligraphy: Julia Babis DJ/Wedding Band: City Party Band Wedding Night Accommodations: John Hand Club Hotel