Tag: May/June 2019

Cougar Cooks

How a treat-making business instills pride and confidence in Crestline special education students.

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West Side Story

A couple brings the clean aesthetic they picked up in San Francisco to their Alabama home de-sign.

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The Inventors: Soft Glow Silent Timer

Claiborne Pace Day was on the hunt for a timer, but not just any timer. She wanted a quiet one that notified you when time was up visually and peacefully, with no bells and whistles, literally, to help wean her daughter off her pacifier. But she couldn’t find one.

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All Dressed Up

Children’s fashions flood the Country Club of Birmingham on a spring day each year, with around 100 models sporting styles from heirlooms to whimsical as part of the Children’s Art Guild tradition. Here are some of the styles spotted on the runway at the 2019 show.

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